With over ten years experience, M&C Hybrid Energy is one of Ireland's leading green, renewable energy solution providers.  We're a husband and wife team and based in Co. Cavan.  We are built with the noble purpose of supporting and educating Irish homeowners and businesses to become more energy-efficient and understand the benefits of doing so, as renewable and green energy becomes increasingly relevant.

We launched in 2009, and as you can imagine business has changed dramatically since.  We were somewhat ahead of the curve and mass customer demand.  But now, our business is growing exponentially and we expect that to continue throughout 2020 and beyond.

Consumers and businesses continue to better understand the cost-saving and eco-friendly benefits of sustainable energy technologies.  In addition, Government is pushing on to 'close the gap' in its binding 2020 renewable energy target of 40% and its vital businesses like our support with this.

Micheal is a plumber by trade and has 25 years experience working in both Ireland and in the US.  When he moved home in 2006, he diversified to renewable, recognizing the growing need for a concerted effort from Ireland's energy professionals to endorse and provide green solutions.  He spent three years researching new technologies across Europe and launched M&C Hybrid Energy in 2009.

Micheal in the Managing Director of the company. He is fully qualified in Biomass, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps and Wood Pellet Stoves.

Carmel joined the business in 2009 and her role is largely operational, in the office overseeing the delegation of a project, managing a project's budget, overseeing company finance and marketing and ensuring overall customer satisfaction.








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