Our Energy Efficient Home


We built our own home in 2008/2009.  It was a self build.  Micheal being a qualified Building Energy Assessor designed our home to be as energy efficient as he could see fit at the time.

Being a renewable energy company also; Micheal would say "There is no point in selling a product to a customer if you do not have it installed in your own home".

This is the first question a lot of our clients would ask us.


We built an ICF house (insulated concrete form), air tight, A rated double glazed windows with a mechanical heat recovery system. 

Our heating hot water and electrical requirements come from a combination Log Pellet Boiler, 17 square metres of Solar which is a heating support and a hot water system.  We also installed a 6kW Wind Turbine.  Everything is interlinked into a 1000 Litre Buffer Tank which is our storage for our house.  The boiler system operates on weather compensation (it only sends in the heat that we need to keep our house at the required temperatures we desire).  In our living quarters we installed a Wood Pellet Stove with a running cost of €1.50 for six hours a night.

Overall the standard that we set back then is the requirements for all new dwellings and Part L of building regulations today.

On the basis of all of this our running cost for our home is approximately 700/800 euro per annum.

Being a company who likes to educate people we use our home as a show house for clients to come and see who we are and what we do for themselves.

M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd are over ten years in business, over this time we would of helped a lot of our clients in the domestic and commercial and public sectors to offset tens of thousands of tonnes of C02 emissions and will continue to do so.